by Get Tall

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we did it. four whole songs.

recording/gang vox assistance by maya chun @ the abraham house
mixed & mastered by ethan ehlers

special thanks to jack parsons, derek mcnelly, blade brown, dani stauffer, charlie giraud, jack johnson, josh cowdrey, brad schmelzer, alex stoitsiadis, and the shibe team.

shout out to anyone who gave us the opportunity to play a show and/or danced to our music at these shows. we love y'all.

free OG finna.

get tall is

ryan - guitar, lead vocals
hayden - drums
rory - bass, sometimes vocals, the "looks"


released January 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Get Tall Detroit, Michigan

rock and/or roll band

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Track Name: not morbid, just forgetful
i'm playing guessing games again
i can't recognize my friends
if i had anything to live for
it died along with my confidence

and i say
everything's ok
as long as
i can just make
a phone call and
hear you on the other side

and all i've got is hopefulness
sometime's smeared, but i'm remiss
when i don't mention the things
that make me happy

and all i've got is someone else
i can't confide within myself
and all it takes to be happy
is just a little bit of effort
Track Name: threadbare
your words can be
a little demeaning
and i'm so jealous of yr
absent feelings

cuz when i said
that i didn't want you
to feel like you did anything wrong
that didn't mean
that i didn't want you
to feel anything at all

and i'm so scared
of where you might be
in a couple of years
i dunno if i'm gonna be there
or if i'm even gonna be alive
because current state
my life is threadbare
Track Name: we call this one "bold & brash"
i creep in, so quietly
hoping you won't see i'm there
i feel your best friends' eyes burn through me
i don't care, i don't care

maybe it is selfish
for me to be this sensitive
but it's harder to be strong
than to be scared

i got a long ways to go
before i'm over the weather
i got a long ways to go
before i feel any better

take me back to the days
where we could just lay
in a bed, and rest our heads
and not care
Track Name: skramz revival
i guess that i could wait for the very best day
for you to go ahead n make the drive out to me
but it'd be so forgetful cuz i wouldn't say anything at all

cuz i'm always just anxious
and my head is always makin
all these thoughts into these visions
and vivid imaginations
and i'm sorry i was just too sad to pick up your call

so i'll write all
my clever songs
and try to convince you it's not yr fault
cuz for all i care
i don't care
that you're gone

tossing and i'm turning
and my ears are always burning
and there's one time a week
where i'm always on the verge of
crying if i hear a turnover song

and i know that's fuckin lame
and doesn't make you proud of me
but there's something abt chorus
that just makes me wanna weep
and i'm sorry i was just too sad to
pick up yr call

how are you doing now?
i hope
things are cool

and why
do you always look down
when you pass by me at school?

i feel like a mannequin that doesn't look good in hats
and i know you're right over there just talking all yr trash
and i don't know why you would want to just up and leave
and i don't think of you no more when i look at autumn trees